Archery Tag – The most fun you can have with a bow and arrow

All the fun of paintball and dodgeball is combined. This offers the newest and hottest family friendly combat sport that can be played indoors or out. It utilizes archery with patent-pending foam tipped arrows to play the game. All in all providing you with the perfect opportunity to take out your friends or work mates.

Archery tag is best played with a group of 10 or more people. Players divide into two teams and hide behind inflatable bunkers, or other obstacles. Their aim is to try to be the first team to knock out the centres of a 5 spot target on the opponent’s side of the field. Catching an arrow in flight, or knocking out one of the target pieces allows a team member back on the field.

  • Leaves no mess
  • Highly addictive fun
  • Unique activity
  • Perfect for festivals & events
  • Ideal for Stags & Hens
  • Many games to choose from
  • A must try activity
  • Suitable for everybody
  • Great for school groups

Features and Highlights

Virtually painless and mess free, unlike paintball, Archery Tag® is intense enough for thrill seekers and safe enough for kids to play. This game is the most fun you’ll ever have with a bow and arrow!
No experience is necessary. We have a minimum age of 8 for this activity.

What Happens?

  • We provide all the right equipment for you
  • Quick briefing on safety
  • Explain the rules
  • Have fun playing many exciting games