Abseiling in Limerick- Corporate Team Challenges

Abseiling in Limerick- Corporate Team Challenges

By July 30, 2018 Corporate Events, Events

Medieval Team Challenge at King John’s Castle!

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We had a fantastic day out recently in King Johns Castle for a Medieval Team-Building and Abseiling event. This event was organised for the amazing team at Avvio. While Avvio’s HQ is based in Limerick, it also has offices worldwide, so to bring the whole company together and to such an iconic location in Limerick to participate in our activities, it sure was the ultimate team-building experience.

For this event, we organised it in its entirety, meeting the clients wants and needs. Avvio were a pleasure to work with, and were very enthusiastic when we mentioned our medieval theming. With this being our first Medieval Themed event in King John’s Castle, we had a lot of fun coming up with creative medieval idea’s for both activities and participants alike. The company definitely didn’t hold back when we asked them to get into character; between the costumes, war cries, and competition between Clans, it made the event that bit more realistic!

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Medieval Team Challenges

Our variety of Medieval themed challenges were met with great enthusiasm. With a combination of both mental and physical challenges, there was something to suit every colleague. All members of the clans got stuck in which was very impressive, not only taking part themselves, but encouraging and helping one another, with the overall aim of being crowned the overall champion Clan! It sure was a great display of team-togetherness.

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Abseiling down King John’s Castle

Team support was very much evident when it came to abseiling down the castle! Each Clan had to face their fears by taking a leap of fate and climbing down one of the turrets of King John’s Castle. Before descending into the grounds of the castle courtyard, each member had the opportunity to take in the amazing views of Limerick City and the River Shannon, which we’d like to think distracted them somewhat from the challenge ahead! However, saying that, between the cheers of support from their fellow Clan members, and calming voices of our abseil instructors it was amazing to hear that so many people had completed this challenge! Well done guys!!

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  • Abseiling down King John’s Castle
  • Medieval Theming
  • Medieval Costumes
  • Team Building Challenges
  • Amazing views from the top of the castle
  • Tea/Coffee and Scones overlooking the grounds of the castle

The day was a huge success, between bringing the global team closer together, developing on skills, facing fears and rewarding colleagues with a fun day out, everyone left with a smile on their face (even though there could only be one Clan winner but we won’t get too bogged down on that haha)!

Looking back at this fantastic event last week it sure gives us some motivation to make the next few events just as fantastic or even better! #MondayMotivation

Thanks for reading, and we hope you all have a great week!

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