Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

By April 9, 2018 Corporate Events

Hello everyone, Today’s blog post is all about employee engagement, team building, and happiness in the workplace, all key elements to running a successful business.

Employee Engagement

Many people know from first-hand experience that the grind of an eight hour work day can wear you down mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Obviously, having employees who are drained and exhausted is something you want to avoid at all costs. When staff are engaged, motivated and content, they’re more productive. Conversely, when they view going to work as a dreaded chore, they’re unlikely to go above and beyond, instead doing the bare minimum required to keep earning their pay cheque. A great way of boosting staff morale and levels of motivation is through employee engagement and by offering recognition and reward systems as a means of positive reinforcement. These systems can include: performance bonuses, extended lunch breaks, extra annual leave days or even a fun corporate event day to thank staff while at the same time encouraging team togetherness.

Adopting an open communication style with your employees is also essential to promote and maintain employee engagement. To really understand what is going on at all levels of the team, make the effort to check in on staff regularly, speak with them face-to-face, so that they know that their efforts and opinions are valued. Communicating with your staff in person (where possible) is much more effective than doing it remotely or in writing.

Team Building

Team togetherness is vital in having a successful business, and a great way of implementing that is through team building days. Forbes Magazine says, “Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people.  It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration.” Implementing team building practices that allow employees and co-workers to use their strengths brings better, long-term value to your business as a whole.

A great way of achieving this is through off-site or out of office team building days. It not only helps create bonds between staff, it can also encourage the development of some really creative ideas that may not have surfaced within the office.

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Happiness should be at the core of your company culture. Put your employees’ interests first, and you’ll be surprised how they will take care of you and the business. Happy employees do not feel obligated to do their jobs, rather it comes naturally for them to do a good job. A happy attitude will make their work more meaningful and they will have a different perspective on their role. Their job will not merely be a source of income for them but they will see it as a passion. They’ll start enjoying what they’re doing and they will be less likely to feel burdened or stressed even during busy periods.

Manners are never overrated. Always thank your staff for their work efforts, regardless of how big or small their contributions are. It’s always nice to be nice, and spread happiness in your workplace.

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