At 9 meters tall, Get West is now home to Ireland’s Tallest Mobile Climbing Wall.


You might have spotted it in the Fanzone at Croke Park for the All-Ireland Quarter and Semi Finals over the past 3 years, well now get ready to spot Ireland’s Tallest Mobile Climbing Wall popping up at events and festivals all over Limerick and Munster. With 6 different sides to climb, including adjustable overhangs and 17 unique routes, this is the king of climbing walls. When you reach the top, you can truly call yourself King of the Castle. If you feel brave enough, while standing at the top, you can take the Leap of Faith where you simply lean out and let go, safe in the knowledge that one of the automatic belay systems will gently let you down to the ground. Sounds easy, right, but until you are up there leaning out over thin air, feeling your heart in your throat, and trying to pluck up enough courage to let go, while not looking down, you just can’t imagine how hard it actually is to “Just Let Go” which is exactly what the instructors encourage you to do.

At Get West, we believe that “giving it a go” is what it’s all about, and we want everyone to be able to get involved. That’s why we wanted this mobile wall – it means that we can bring the thrills and delights of climbing straight to you, wherever you are in the country. It is the only telescopic climbing wall in Ireland, which means it can get into places that are inaccessible to lots of other traditional mobile climbing walls because they are too long and cumbersome.  With a 30 minute setup time and a willingness to travel, it is the perfect addition to any festival or event as a great feature that never fails to stand out in a crowd. It is ideal for corporate events, teambuilding days, and school and youth groups. One of the unique advantages of our climbing wall is that it can be branded. Imagine your message standing 9m tall on the most popular activity at your next event. The sky really is the limit in terms of its potential for getting your message out to your customers, and we’re here to make it happen!

As if Ireland’s Tallest Mobile Climbing Wall wasn’t enough, we’ve also just added Archery Tag to our mobile activity offering. Archery Tag is an exciting cross between dodge ball and paintball where you shoot the opposition with patented soft foam-tipped arrows. It requires more skill than paintballing, and with no pain or mess, it is a hit with everyone. The satisfaction you get when you strike an opponent, be it a coworker or your boss, is unmatched. Being a mobile activity that can be played indoors or out, it fits perfectly in the range of mobile adventure activities that we now offer.

Other exciting new mobile activity options for the 2016 season are our Indoor or Outdoor Safe Archery Range (also brandable), Mobile Mountain Bike course, Water Walking Zorbs and pool, and many team building challenges. Of course, don’t forget we’ll still be doing lots of Sit on top Kayaking and Whitewater Kayaking too, so if you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to get out on the water with us for a magical Limerick City Kayak Tour, a relaxing river cruise or an adrenaline-fuelled whitewater trip.

Now we truly have something for everyone, so spread the word and book your next adventure with Get West.

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