Winter Kayaking on Curragower Falls with Get West.

With the Castleconnell River, our trustee comrade, in flood for the past few weeks, it was the perfect opportunity to open our customers’ eyes to a new adventure this Winter season…..Gower. They had all been cautiously eyeing up this next challenge for many months, and now the time had finally come to paddle forward out of their comfort zone once more.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Curragower Falls are found in the heart of Limerick City. If you look from Clancy’s Strand across the river towards King John’s Castle, roughly 2 hours before low tide, you should spot a standing wave in the water. This wave forms as the River Shannon drops over a rock ledge. Although the river moves on around it, the wave stays in the same place, and becomes surfable just like the waves at sea.

Two waves will potentially form at this time, Gower and Little Gower, depending on the flow of the water. Over the years, the Curragower Falls have become a playboater’s mini-paradise where they can practice cartwheels, airwheels, bow stalls, flat spins, enders, and many other freestyle moves, and perhaps even an Eskimo roll or two. It’s hard to believe that such an exciting natural feature exists in our very own city centre. In fact, kayakers will travel all over the world for standing waves, such is their unique appeal.

But what would the Curragower Falls have in store for our beginners here at Get West. In advance of their first Gower session, plenty of anxious thoughts floated to the surface. “No way! We’ve only been paddling a few months. We’re not ready. I’m too old for this,” were the sentiments being uttered by many of our customers. But they were ready, and you’re never too old, to tackle the mighty Curragower Falls. A fact that they certainly put to the test.

Over a couple of sessions, their confidence swelled as they guided their FeelFree sit on top kayaks down over the foamy pile; their screeches of pride and delight clearly audible from Clancy’s Strand. I wouldn’t be surprised even if they could be heard from the Limerick Council Chambers on the opposite bank. Perhaps someday our local councillors might come and give it a go, and discover the meaning of this special gem for the People of Limerick.

For those of you who are working up the courage to follow our brave beginners’ bold example, I will leave you with these words of reassurance. Worst case scenario, you take a little dip and you have to go warm up in the toasty Curragower Bar while you feast on some delicious chowder. Now tell me, does that sound like a bad day out to you?

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