Summer with Get West Blueways 10k

Summer with Get West Blueways 10k

By June 16, 2016 News

Couch to 10k with a difference this summer.

Get fit on the Shannon with Get West & Blueways 10k.

You’ve probably walked along the river Shannon, driven over it, maybe even cycled by it, but have you ever been on it?

See beautiful Limerick City and county from a new perspective with Get West this summer. Imagine gently rocking waves and no digital distractions as you make friends and get fit in the open air. It’s going to be a hot summer of 2016 so what could be a better place to cool down and have some fun.

Blueways 10k is a Couch to 10k designed to give everyone the opportunity to get involved in the kayaking community. This nationwide initiative is supported by Waterway’s Ireland and Irish Communities to get people like you, off the couch and paddling 10k by the end of the summer. So, why not do your 10k with Get West, right here in the heart of Limerick City.

No experience is no problem. Blueway 10K is tailored for total beginners who have never paddled before but experienced paddlers will learn too.

The camaraderie of being in a group kayaking is what keeps folks coming back. Complete strangers are best friends after a couple of weeks on the water and this just keeps getting bigger. By August 20th you’ll be one of thousands nationwide descending on Irish waterways for the Blueways 10k.

Our first 4 week block of Blueway Training Sessions is well underway and our next 4 week block is due to commence on Thursday, 30th of June. Within this block, you can choose from two different schedules available here which are designed to complement a working lifestyle. Each schedule is made up of 3 x 1 hour training sessions per week from Limerick Boat Club on Sarsfield Bridge. Times vary due to tide restrictions in Limerick City.

After you register you will receive weekly training updates from the Irish Canoe Union and you will also become a member of the Irish Canoe Union.

How do I get involved?

Click here for the Events page page where you will find details of the Blueway 10k and an option to book. The course cost is €120 per 4 week block plus a once off €20 membership fee with the Irish Canoe Union.

Blueways 10k Group of 10 Under the bridge
Blueways 10k Group Instruction on River
Blueways 10k Group Pre Kayak Instructions

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